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Wetwheels Jersey

ORCHID is proud to be a supporter of Wetwheels Jersey, an amazing charity that gives people of all abilities and backgrounds who wouldn't usually have the chance, to experience life out on Jersey's rich maritime playground. ORCHID designed and helped deliver a fundraising programme that generated more than £170,000 in just five months. This money paid for Wetwheels Jersey to be built. She is a nine metre fast catamaran equipped for disabled passengers and bristiling with technical innovation to enrich the experience of any passenger on board.

Wetwheels Jersey is modelled on the original Wetwheels, based in the Solent and brainchild of inspirational disabled sailor Geoff Holt MBE. We shot this video for the charity when Geoff brought his Wetwheels to the Barclays Jersey Boat Show, as part of the fundraising campaign.