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St John Ambulance

Winner: Best Use of PR, CIM Awards 2015

St John Ambulance Jersey (SJAJ) trains over 6,000 people and indirectly supports thousands more, through attendance at more than 150 public events a year. In 2012, SJAJ became an autonomous Commandery, in control of its own assets and resources and responsible for its future. Despite providing critical back up to the States ambulance service in the event of a major incident the charity receives no States grant and is reliant on volunteer support and fundraising.  £650,000 is needed each year to continue providing life-saving cover and training for residents and businesses.

A number of key sponsorships were due to end in 2015 leaving a funding gap that had be plugged to ensure continuation of services. A lack of public awareness about the many services SJAJ provides, how funding is achieved and the governance structure, was constraining fundraising attempts.

SJAJ engaged ORCHID to create a PR strategy that would provide direction and focus for the limited human and financial resources available. With clear outcomes for fundraising and volunteering identified, a creative and engaging PR campaign was planned, focusing primarily on an awareness-raising ‘rallying call’ to audiences, followed by a targeted corporate campaign.

Half way through the campaign, we had almost achieved the annual goals. We galvanised audiences, established new partnerships and boosted awareness island-wide. We are incredibly proud of the campaign and what it has achieved for St John Ambulance. 


'This winning submission demonstrated clear smart objectives, all with measurable outcomes. Exceptional planning, research and use of evidence to then build a very clear campaign that directly responds to the very specific briefing given by the client. The campaign was delivered across many different platforms and the development was detailed and thorough - and creative - at every stage and in every area. All the objectives were either exceeded or met. Central to this was its sustainability and complementing the overall communications mix already in use. Brilliant. An inspiring campaign. Can I join the St John Ambulance?'