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Scottish regional health board NHS Highland enlisted ORCHID to support the recruitment of GPs to remote and rural areas of the Scottish Highlands.  GP shortages in remote areas are an increasing concern, and NHS Highland in particular has been struggling to recruit GPs to its rural vacancies, or even to generate interest in these opportunities. ORCHID was tasked with thinking beyond the standard medical recruitment advertising channels and developing three distinct creative marketing solutions to raise awareness and increase the appeal of the roles on offer – and provide the NHS Highland team with a selection of marketing tools to use going forward.

We recognised the need to move away from simply promoting the idyllic Highland scenery and lifestyle. To attract the right breed of modern GP, and make rural NHS Highland a truly appealing career move, we moved the health board towards honest but exciting messages relating to the specific challenges and opportunities presented by the unique jobs on offer in these areas.

Our integrated campaign centred round a dedicated ‘Become a rural GP’ microsite - nhshighland-rural.scot.nhs.uk.  This site acts a landing page for all other campaign activity, provides information about the perks of being a rural GP and drives traffic through to relevant online job listings on the main NHS Scotland recruitment website.



Featured within the microsite is a short case study video, filmed and produced by ORCHID, which has the specific aim of supporting international recruitment – in particular from countries like Spain and Greece. The video tells the success story of Dr Toledo, a GP from Tenerife now living and working in Campbeltown, Argyll & Bute.

The campaign peaked with an high-impact outdoor advertising campaign targeting urban GPs during their traffic-ridden daily commute. Using dramatic Highland scenic imagery alongside engaging, career-focused headlines, the ads first appeared on a strategically placed 'ad van' during the Royal College of GPs Annual Conference in Liverpool. Full roll-out then followed throughout November and December with bus rears and 96-sheet back-lit billboards throughout Leeds.



Recognition of the campaign, and the sourcing of marketing and communications skills from Jersey, has been high. In the UK, the campaign featured on BBC News (online and TV) and BBC Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’, in the Aberdeen Press & Journal, the Scottish Daily Express and the British Medical Journal, as well as more regional press and radio coverage. Locally, strong coverage of the project was achieved with Business Brief and Bailiwick Express.

NHS Highland's selection of a Jersey agency highlights the expertise available in the Island. Despite the significant geographical distance between Jersey and West Highland, we have worked closely with the client to develop an attention-grabbing marketing campaign that has successfully reached audiences throughout the UK and beyond.