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We are delighted that our work with Jersey Heritage has been recognised by the CIM at thair annual awards, picking up 'Sustained Marketing Award' which reflects consistent and remarkable marketing success over a three year period.

2010 was a watershed year for Jersey Heritage. The Trust entered a new chapter, focused on change, with a mandate to maximise income and re-build engagement across all audiences to ensure sites remained open.

Marketing strategy has played a pivotal role in assisting the Board and Jersey Heritage team to rise to the challenge: realise significant revenue targets through increased memberships, sponsorships and admissions. 

It is widely recognised that Jersey Heritage has enjoyed a positive change in its fortunes. Since 2010: membership has increased 858%, from 1,094 to 10,491; admissions have consistently increased, notably bucking the declining tourism trend, with growth of 13% from 161,286 to 182,441; self-generated revenue has increased by 28% from £1,839,000 to £2,360,000.

This hasn’t just been a turnaround. It has created a firm foundation for sustainable engagement between all audiences with Jersey’s heritage and culture.


'A very clear campaign that changed and developed over the years according to customer needs and insight. Lovely branding especially the scrapbook suite. Consistent messaging and sensitive use of media. The ability to continue to drive the market in a depressed economy is especially laudable. Performance measurement was very clear and measurable, with evidence submitted against each area. The investment and the outcomes speak for themselves. This campaign delivered year on year, it is very clearly worthy of the sustained marketing title.'