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Ice Age Trails


In 2013, Jersey Heritage embarked on a three year archaeological research project which is set to discover the archaeological significance of Jersey’s Ice Age history, funded by the Tourism Development Fund (TDF).  


To support this project and make it accessible to visitors to the Island, Orchid were asked to develop an Ice Age walking guide which talks the visitor through three key coastal locations noted for their geographical significance and prehistoric discoveries. Each trail introduces a different theme of discovery with a number of significant geographical features to look out for as you make your way from start to finish; each trail revealing how the spectacular scenery of the modern coastline was shaped by the forces of ice and sea during the Island's Ice Age past.


For this, we designed and produced a printed walking guide which is supported by a suite of short animated video guides available to watch via the Jersey Heritage website and Ice Age Island microsite:



This project was supported with promotional material displayed and distributed Island wide.