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Dyslexia Jersey

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Dyslexia Jersey were the recipients of ORCHID's first 24 hour Createathon.  Working 24 hours straight, without a break, our team answered an exacting brief to develop a new brand identity for the charity and produce an integrated campaign that inludes design, advertising, social media, video, content creation and public relations.

The campaign 'Embracing Difference.  Unlocking Potential.' launched to raise awareness of dyslexia, which affects at least 10,000 people in Jersey.

ORCHID partnered with the JEP, Channel 103fm and Mailmate to produce an event worth more than £30,000 in creative time, advertising and production. 

Since launch, the charity has experienced a 500% increase in enquries to their helpline; has secured thousands of pounds in corporate sponsorship and support; been chosen as Amaizin Maize's charity of the year and has had to programme more events and activities for members to cater for the huge increase in demand for their services.

We cannot thank ORCHID enough.  The brand and campaign they have created for us forms the bedrock of our ambition to push dyslexia to the forefront of Islanders' minds.  Their team of experts have stopped at nothing to give us what we need.  They really are brilliant.

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Sarah Peel , Dyslexia Jersey