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Orchid was appointed to support the Housing Department with their transition to a new, wholly States-owned housing company.  Our mandate was to develop a business as usual marketing strategy to see the company through the complex transition, and create a new brand that encapsulated the vision and character of the new company.

Through a series of marketing strategy workshops with the Senior Management Team, Andium Homes was born.  Brought to life by the Orchid studio with a future-focussed 3D brand language now evident on all on and offline communications.  From these workshops, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that defined the new company's many stakeholder groups and the tactics required to succesfully engage them, making the transition as smooth as possible.

Our remit also included:

  • Design contribution to the Andium Homes website
  • Creation of a launch video
  • Acting as press office for all media, providing public relations support on a 24/7 basis as the deparment managed both day to day communications and messages prompted by or affecting the transition
  • Creation of a House Style Guide for use by all Andium Homes colleagues
  • Running training courses designed to support the team when creating communications for a wide variety of stakeholder audiences
  • Ongoing, general marketing support