Take a break. Take a Nano break.

Take a break. Take a Nano break.

Creative and mental exercises are as important as keeping yourself physically active at home. Creativity can reduce stress, stimulate the mind, enhance problem-solving or is a fun way to get rid of boredom when you can’t change your scenery. 

Creative exercises don’t have to be complicated or result in super artistic output but great if they do. Some like to doodle, take pictures, paint, colour, do crafts, write poetry.  The most important part is that you enjoy it and it makes you happy.

Arbee’s creative exercise of choice is playing with nanoblocks. Here’s a 20 second video she’s made about her latest nano break.

It was edited with Adobe Rush mobile app.

Feeling inspired? We recommend this tutorial by Animoto if you want to try creating your own stop motion video.