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Now's the perfect time to give your marketing a kick-start and get business fit for 2015.

If you're an existing business in need of a fresh approach, ORCHID can help with our cost effective 'kickstart your marketing' package.


Step 1: Discover

We begin with a highly worthwhile 'discovery’ workshop, where we sit round the table together and discuss everything from the features and benefits of your offering to your specific business and marketing objectives.


Step 2: Review

We follow this up with a concise summary document, providing a useful reference for going forward that will help inform your brand and business development.


Step 3: Create

Once we have a thorough understanding of the context of your business, we then knuckle down and get creative - coming up with a bespoke 'Top 10' list of marketing ideas for you, tailored to meet the specific needs of your brand and most effectively kick-start your marketing in 2015.


For full details, please get in touch by calling 01534 888 997 or emailing [email protected] 

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