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Write Letters

Write Letters

On day 21 in our 31 ways to build your brilliant brand series, we look at the immense power of a simple, well-penned letter.

A Letter? Are you mad?

Hear us out on this one. Statistics show that levels of pleasure (and therefore engagement) go up when someone receives a personal letter in the post that isn’t a bill, or spam mail.

Writing letters is nearly a lost art but it is one that is worth rediscovering. Make sure you hand-write it, perhaps on some personal cards.  If you can afford it have them printed with your name and contact details. Write neatly and legibly; unless you are a doctor in which case you are forgiven!

Taking time and care to write a letter or card says so much about you, and your brand.

So the next time you want to invite someone to something, thank someone for something, or tell someone about something, think about writing a note and popping it in the post. It may take longer to get there than email but it will show that person you took time and care to say what you want to tell them; it is therefore important to you, and should be so to them.

If you want some inspiration, dip into ‘The John Lennon Letters’.  The book captures a lifetime of letters, collected for the first time, from the legendary musician and songwriter.