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Why Outsource

Why Outsource

Every business needs marketing to build awareness and generate income. But not every business needs a marketing manager. For many companies, outsourcing marketing activity makes brilliant business sense. The benefits include:

  • Ensuring a constant flow of new business leads.
  • Access to a respected, award-winning team of marketing professionals.
  • Allowing you to react quickly and cost effectively to market conditions.
  • Giving you commercial clout without the long-term employment overheads.
  • A consistent price allowing you to budget for both staffing and marketing spend.
  • The flexibility to switch marketing support on and off.
  • A cost effective, low risk solution.

The sort of activities an outsourced team could deliver include: campaign strategy and planning; content creation – blogs, press releases, invitations, speeches etc.; email marketing; PR; market research; writing reports; award submissions; media buying; event management; report creation; design, print, web and other supplier management. This list isn’t exhaustive but gives you a flavour of the sort of marketing brilliance ORCHID could provide, working in partnership with you.

We hope we have inspired you with this series of tips to start building your brilliant brand. If you’d like to find out more about how ORCHID can help you in your journey, please do give us a call on 888992 or email [email protected]