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Welcome to Airbnb

With a brand that offers as much choice and diversity as Airbnb, how do you capture and communicate its essence in a way that is both clear and appropriately cool? The slightly dodgy voiceover and questionable soundtrack aside, their new ad, a stunning, intricate one-take tour, is just beautiful. 

With the camera attached to a model railway, the viewer is carried through pop-up landscapes, from tropical terraces to Tokyo high-rises. It’s a strangely nostalgic journey; emotive of childhood but inspirational at the same time.

At just 70 seconds long, it has 96 figurines (6 of them modelled on real Airbnb guests) and took 85 takes to get right. In a world that is CGI obsessed, its hand crafted effects and elaborate design is a refreshing and eye-catching change. It's a great visualisation of Airbnb’s motto ‘Belong Anywhere’ and undeniably a quaint feast for the eyes.