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Use Email Signature

Use Email Signature

A great marketing tool is right at your fingertips and often overlooked. It’s free, flexible and goes direct to your clients on a daily basis. Sound good?

Email footers are generally used to show your title and contact details, but by taking them up a level they can become powerful calls to action and offer clients ongoing value.

At the very least, you should have a link to your company’s website, ideally accompanied with a compelling reason to visit. Do you have a blog or news section you can promote, to build a stronger relationship with your company or individuals? Highlight your social media channels to cross support your owned comms. Share links to case studies; how you’ve helped someone can provide valuable insights for your clients, further strengthening that relationship whilst encouraging new business. Or do you have free tools or research that, again, will offer something of interest?

Think about promoting new and existing services. Clients might not realise all that you do. The best footers have striking banners. By making it visual, you really attract the eye and get your message across.

So whether spreading brand awareness, nurturing customers with value added content, or promoting products and services, make sure your emails have more to say than just the body text!