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Think Client 24/7

Think Client 24/7

On day 24 of our 31 ways to build your brilliant brand series, we urge you to always keep your clients front-of-mind.

Show your clients that they are always in your mind: when you are reading a magazine, newspaper or book; when you are watching a TV programme or film; when you are listening to the radio on your way into work; when you are relaxing in the bath after a hard day (ok, well maybe not that last one).

One of the key things that will make customers choose your brand over a competitor’s is showing that not only do you care about them; you also understand them.

Sending a customer a copy of a great book you think they will enjoy or learn from; or sharing a link to some valuable research or trends information that can help their business; or recommending they take a look at some great (appropriate) content online is a positive way to reinforce your brand’s affinity with the customer.

It doesn’t take a lot of time but it does take a great deal of thought.  It shouldn't be a once-a-year event but a sincere, appropriate gesture whenever it is appropriate and relevant.