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The power of CRM

The power of CRM

Remember how pleased and special you felt the last time a friend remembered your birthday? Imagine making all your customers feel so valued.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the magical business tool that tracks a company’s interactions with its current or future clients, but is it really necessary? Even if you have a great memory, do you want to limit your business by the information you can store in your head? If you use notepads and calendars, what if you lose them? Spreadsheets get outdated, and can fall into the wrong hands. Business cards are important for collecting customer data but not when lying on your desk! Emails aren’t shared or centralised. All miss something important; collaboration.

A customer database increases in value when everyone works together on populating it with essentials. When working well, CRM can keep your business co-ordinated and organised, managing your tasks and collating your communications. It can provide metrics, monitoring successful projects or the best method to reach your customers. It can even predict the future, based on past performances.

By pulling all pertinent client information into one central location that is easy to update, you literally can have everything you need to know about your customers at your fingertips. Even their birthdays!