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The New Rules of Marketing & PR

The New Rules of Marketing & PR


By Sarah Grieve

At ORCHID, we’re always looking to increase our knowledge and improve our offering, to ensure our clients receive the best advice and the best service possible, and one area where it’s particularly (and increasingly) vital to be at the top of our game is digital.

That is why David Meerman Scott’s 'The New Rules of Marketing & PR' is a god-send. Currently in its fourth edition, this book is an essential reference guide for all modern marketing and PR professionals.

It is packed with practical, actionable, up-to-date advice, and includes plenty of real-life examples and case studies. For example, find out how marketing automation company Eloqua took advantage of real-time blogging, reacting quickly to news concerning a competitor that hadn’t been properly communicated, and generated just under $1 million in new business as a result.

Having been an avid hater of dense and dull textbooks since my university days, I particularly appreciate the fact that the book is written in a refreshingly casual and straight-forward way. It is notable that the author has been successfully blogging since 2004, as his style of writing is very blog-like – light, interesting, engaging, and amusing. I particularly enjoyed the comparison between social media and a cocktail party. ‘Do you go into a large gathering filled with a few acquaintances and tons of people you do not know and shout, “BUY MY PRODUCT!”?’ That has to be the perfect way of summing up a mistake far too many businesses make when using social media channels.

'The New Rules of Marketing & PR' provides a clear understanding of the current digital sphere, explains why the old rules of marketing and PR are no longer effective, and pushes the reader towards harnessing particular digital strategies and tactics to significantly boost their business. The book is fantastic for giving the bigger picture as well as offering in-depth but easily digestible guidance on each individual online tool.

Which social networking site is right for you? How can you make the first page of Google? What should you blog about? Where to start with things like infographics, podcasts and RSS feeds? This book has the answers. And it not only covers the main online communication channels, but also some more obscure (but equally brilliant) ones – such as using your WiFi name to advertise your business to everyone sneakily searching for an open connection nearby.

Clearly based on David Meerman Scott’s personal experience and career, the book is insightful and original, and demonstrates genuine insider understanding. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


David Meerman Scott

Publication Date

August 2013


£14.59 (paperback, Amazon)