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The legendary lager ad

The legendary lager ad

Last Friday afternoon, with drink in hand and nibbles in mouth, we held our monthly team ‘Show & Tell’.

No, there wasn’t a pet hamster in sight, and no one brought in their dazzling collection of novelty paperclips. This show & tell was about sharing the best marketing ideas and communications we have recently come across. Things we have seen, heard, or watched that have inspired us and could be useful to share with the rest of the team.

The items shared formed quite an eclectic mix, reflecting nicely the diversity of our marketing world.

First up was Heineken’s The Odyssey Film. Released earlier this year, this global TV ad was created by Wieden + Kennedy as part of the beer brand’s ‘Legends’ campaign. It stars 20 non-actors all playing the same character but each performing a unique skill – from limbo-dancing to sliding smoothly down a bannister. The idea being that “everyone is legendary at something”.

Not only is this two-and-a-half-minute ad an example of genuinely entertaining, clever and well-executed advertising; Heineken took it a significant step further by releasing an interactive version online, which allows viewers to click on the ad to see a casting tape for the man on screen at that point. The casting videos, for the Legendary Rope Climber, the Legendary Rail Jumper, the Legendary Jacket Buttoner and so forth, add an extra level of amusement and engagement to an already strong campaign.

Further, at the end of the film viewers are asked if they agree that everyone is legendary at something. Selecting ‘yes’ directs you to watch all the casting films. Selecting ‘no’ leads you to a tongue-in-cheek response from Heineken’s PR rep. Good effort, though perhaps a slight rip-off of Bodyform’s spoof response to a Facebook rant back in 2012...

Anyway, check out the interactive film for yourself: