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Sponsor Something

Sponsor Something

Sponsorship is great for boosting your visibility.  No longer just the domain of the larger companies, many SMEs are embracing sponsorship opportunities to improve their company image and credibility.   From awards and corporate events to charitable activity, sports clubs and education initiatives, the opportunities to sponsor relevant projects that reflect your brand ethos are endless.

Sponsorship is great for so many reasons: it helps differentiate you from your competitors, can help you forge deeper and better relationships with your customers and it can help showcase your skills, products and capabilities.

But where to start?  Determine what your goals are.  You want people to associate positively with your brand, by actively engaging with it.  If all you do is passively put your logo on things, you’ll see little return on investment.  Hold back some funds to make the most of your sponsorship; don’t blow your whole budget on the sponsorship itself.  So, for example, if you are sponsoring an event then as well as the upfront cost, consider how you can maximise interaction with your brand, for example: through offers, trial, generating media coverage or capturing participant data.

Sponsorship is an investment and it’s up to you to maximise your return from it.  One last thing – always have an agreement in place so all parties are clear about what is and isn’t included.