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Shout Your News Loud

Shout Your News Loud

So, you’ve got something you really want to shout about and YOU think it’s news everyone will want to hear. Before you dash off a few thousand words and ping that email to your local news desk, stop and think.

Writing a press release takes time and skill. Journalists and editors receive hundreds of missives daily. Make their job easier, and you stand a greater chance of success. Here are six things you should always do and a few you shouldn’t:


  • Know exactly what you want to say and stick to it;
  • Make your story compelling – great writing takes time but saves time for the media;
  • Use words sparingly – write tight and write right;
  • Think about structure – pedestrian copy will walk straight into the bin;
  • Check it – once it’s in print that careless mistake could cost you.
  • Remember the 5W's - Who, What, Where, When and Why?


  • Fret about the headline – media have professionals to create these;
  • Write and run – media may want to speak to you;
  • Chase the journalist – it’s a sure way to get your story spiked.