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Print Advertising

Print Advertising

With the growth of social media, print advertising has suffered a significant reduction in popularity. However, it is still a valuable marketing tool. Read on to make the best of it...

1. Think campaign, not ads. Print media is most impactful when part of an entire marketing campaign.

2. Address the right audience. Your ads should appeal to prospects and ring true, without the use of stereotypes or exaggerated claims. Make sure your ad is placed in the best part of the publication for your target market.

3. Have a visual focal point on your ad. With so much competing advertising, make your ad stand out with a clean design and simple, standout elements.

4. Create an ‘aha’ moment. Your ad should show your customers a new way to achieve a goal or provide unique insight.

5. A good ad should have a compelling and clear call to action. Highlight a strong benefit in your headline and body copy, and close by providing an obvious next step, be it instore, to call a number or to visit a website.

6. More on where the ad is placed: a right-facing page position is often preferred as a reader receives a last impression before flipping to the next page. Readers also notice inside covers and back pages so it is often worth investing in these premium positions.

7. Think repetition. Increase visibility by repeating ads to build impact.  It's true that a potential customer normally only takes action after they have been exposed to your message a number of times.

8. Track the results. Ask enquirers and new customers how they found you and filter out the ad spaces that aren't converting whilst doing more of those that are.