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ORCHID drives NHS Highland recruitment

ORCHID drives NHS Highland recruitment

This month, commuters in Leeds are being exposed to a significant bus and billboard campaign for NHS Highland, which just so happens to have been developed by ORCHID.

ORCHID was recruited by NHS Highland to help the health board attract more doctors to work in the remote and rural Scottish Highlands, as part of a Scottish Government initiative addressing the increasing recruitment difficulties in these areas.

The campaign has already generated encouraging results in Liverpool following the use of an eye-catching advan last month to support NHS Highland’s presence at the Royal College of GPs annual conference. The success of the campaign is also being monitored with a view to rolling it out to attract other healthcare professionals to remote and rural areas.

Recognition of this high profile campaign, and the sourcing of marketing and communications skills from Jersey, has been high. The campaign has already featured in: BBC News (online and TV); BBC Radio 4 ‘You and Yours’; the Aberdeen Press & Journal; the Scottish Daily Express and the British Medical Journal, as well as more regional press and radio coverage.

ORCHID was selected following a robust tendering process that resulted in a three-way shortlist. The brief was to think beyond the standard medical recruitment advertising channels and to develop three distinct creative marketing solutions to raise awareness and increase the appeal of the roles on offer. The project had to provide the NHS Highland team with a selection of marketing tools to use going forward to ensure longevity and maximum use of resources.

The resulting campaign centres round a dedicated ‘Become a rural GP’ microsite – nhshighland-rural.scot.nhs.uk – which acts as a landing page for all other campaign activity, provides information about the benefits of being a rural GP, and drives traffic through to relevant online job listings on the main NHS Scotland recruitment website.

Featured within the microsite is a short case study video, filmed and produced by ORCHID, which has the specific aim of supporting international recruitment – in particular from countries like Spain and Greece.

The attention-grabbing outdoor advertising campaign targeting urban GPs during their traffic-ridden daily commute will feature on the back of buses until 7th December and on roadside 96-sheet back-lit billboards until the end of November. The creative uses dramatic Highland scenic imagery with engaging, career-focused messages.

Martine Scott, Remote & Rural Programme Manager for NHS Highland, said, “This campaign is incredibly important to NHS Highland. The strategy is a pilot for a potential wider campaign that could delivered by other health boards experiencing the same difficulties. We believe the strategy perfectly matches the brief to deliver a campaign that is creative, thought provoking and motivational. ORCHID showed their commitment to be physically present in the campaign preparation phase, as well as utilising video conferencing to ensure a smooth production process. Their experience and approach was systematic and creative and we are delighted with the end result, which has already generated interest from potential candidates – which will, in turn, help to deliver valuable services to our patients.“

There are many similarities between the problems faced by West Highland and the Channel Isles. Our experience and knowledge of working with organisations in small communities, which have complex needs that demand professional outsourced skills, was directly relevant to this task. It has been immensely satisfying to work with the team at NHS Highland, and to apply our diverse marketing and communications expertise to such a demanding brief.

NHS Highland's selection of a Jersey agency highlights the expertise available in the Island, and supports ORCHID's ongoing export strategy for full-service marketing solutions. Our project team included marketing strategists, video producers, digital specialists and creative designers to deliver a complete solution.