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Nurture Advocates

Nurture Advocates

Last time you went on holiday, what influenced you more: the hotel’s website or their reviews on TripAdvisor? These days, it’s most likely the latter.

Nothing beats others becoming your advocate; raving about you, your service or product. That’s because happy clients sell you better than you can. Client success stories create trust and prove your credibility. They speak to your prospect’s doubts and desired results. They create community.

So, how to get good testimonials? Firstly, and most importantly, give a client great results. Then consider whether you will use a review site or ask for direct feedback. Also think whether you would like testimonials at a company level or to recognise an individual.

Know when to ask. Use achievements as a springboard. Think how to ask. It shouldn’t be ‘tell us how great we are’, but rather ‘may I feature your story on our website to inspire others?’

Remember, results make the most compelling testimonials, not manifestos about how funny and cool you are! When sharing, include the client’s name, company details and ideally a photo. Using just initials looks fake, and a face to the name adds gravitas and can also show off the smile you generated.