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Managing Content Marketing

Managing Content Marketing


By Allan Watts

There’s an argument raging at the moment in PR world about whether ‘content’ is a marketing, or a public relations tool.

In fact it’s neither: content represents a fundamental shift in the way we communicate, regardless of the channel we are using. Arguing about who should be creating the content our audiences now crave is futile. Better to concentrate on getting the content right in the first place.

'Managing Content Marketing' is the first book I’ve read on the subject that really drills down into what content is all about, and how you need to have the right processes in place to plan it, create it and manage it.

Rose and Pulizzi write from experience and they write well, even if their tone is a little ‘American’ for a European reader. But if you cut through all the bagel-and-Bud chumminess of the approach, there are some real nuggets of useful information in here.

Not everything they suggest is going to work for every organisation, whether it’s in-house or out-sourced, but they sum up the need to embrace this new phenomenon when they say ‘the job of marketing is no longer to create customers, it is to create passionate subscribers to our brand.’ Content, they maintain, is the only driver to building conversation about and loyalty to our brand.

The book goes to great lengths to describe how to identify your target audiences so that your content can match perfectly with their search for valuable information; how to build a case for a content marketing budget; how to set metrics for your content (a real challenge for the PR industry; and how to build and feed an editorial calendar.

It’s a really well-structured book, logically laid out (as all good content should be) and if I had any criticism it’s probably not for beginners in this field. You have to have an understanding already of what engaging content really is, because there is an assumption that you already have a library of content to work with.

It’s an easy read though, and manageable in bite-sized chunks. Top tip? Buy it on Kindle so you can highlight and make notes which you can then distil into a manageable workbook.


Robert Rose & Joe Pulizzi

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£16.95 (£2.98 on Kindle)

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"There have been countless books and resources that have covered all aspects of content marketing…from the why to the what to the where…but oddly enough, rarely the how. Not until now that is. Managing Content Marketing shows you, in detail, how to manage content marketing within your organization. Whether you come from a small company or multi-billion dollar brand, this book will give you the ammunition and the ideas to develop a storytelling process that will create passionate subscribers to your brand.

World-renowned content marketing experts Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi have teamed up to help marketing pros and business owners develop a content marketing plan that goes beyond theories, and explains it in a way that can actually be implemented." (Amazon)