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Make Media Friends

Make Media Friends

You may think it’s either impossible or unwise to make friends with the media, but journalists are just people too. Respect that they have a job to do and that they are bound by codes of ethics; understand the boundaries and you can build very mutually beneficial relationships.

It’s not about being a tittle tattle or a grass; find out which journalists are interested in your business sector and make contact with them. Have a coffee or a beer and ask them about their job, what their deadlines are, how many stories they have to write, what pictures do they like to have with their stories and whether it would help to have a technical viewpoint from time to time.

It’s unlikely a journalist will want to be your best buddy (they wouldn’t want to put themselves in an awkward position) but they will appreciate a helping hand now and then.

So find out what you can do to make their lives easier and in so doing build a relationship of trust and respect. In time you will find that you are the ‘go-to’ person for your industry.