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Link In on LinkedIn

Link In on LinkedIn

We’re going to go out on a limb and moot that LinkedIn is the best online professional network you will find and that anyone who is serious about their career should have an account.  An easy way to understand it is work stuff goes on LinkedIn and party/social life goes on Facebook.  We would suggest the two types of content shouldn’t cross over!

In a nutshell, LinkedIn allows you to build your resume-inspired profile, with focus on your CV and the roles you have held / currently hold, and to connect with other professionals.  You can also build a profile for your company on LinkedIn.

There are multiple reasons for using LinkedIn, which will help you build your brilliant personal and business brand.  These include:

  • To find clients;
  • To find great talent and hire new recruits;
  • To keep up with what your professional network is up to;
  • To network with others through professional groups;
  • To raise the profile of you and your business;
  • To post useful content that your network will be inspired to share.

For many, being active on LinkedIn is as uncomfortable as in-person networking.  But if you follow some basic principles, you can have a painless presence and benefit from the access it gives you to invaluable industry insights and professional networks.  As an absolute minimum you should make sure you have a findable and visually appealing profile.  Use a work picture, not one of you on your last holiday and include all pertinent career information (it's great because it affords you far more space than a traditional cv).

LinkedIn becomes more valuable the more time you invest in it so start participating and influencing those in your market.  It takes time, but it will be worth it.