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Keep Good Company

Keep Good Company

Ever thought of serving on a committee or board related to the industry you are in?  If you can find the time, you will quickly benefit from the experience and you’ll help build your personal as well as your business brand.

Reach out to the organisations to which you feel you have something to offer.  You can start by offering to speak, participate on a panel or host a workshop on your area of expertise for their members.  Convert this content into an article for their newsletter or website.  If possible, volunteer to sit on the committee or board.

In Jersey, target associations could include: the Institute of Directors; the Chamber of Commerce; the Breakfast Clubs; Digital Jersey; the Arts Trust, STEP and the Construction Council.

Another alternative is to offer your expertise to the non-profit sector.  The Association of Jersey Charities is a good first stop if you don’t have a preferred charity.  They will direct you to charities that require support and could best benefit from your knowledge.  By sitting on the board or committee of a charity, they benefit from your insight and pro bono support and you raise your profile whilst positioning your business as a caring and responsible organisation.