John Lewis Does it Again • Orchid

John Lewis Does it Again

Well, it's out, and it's lovely. 'Monty's Christmas' is this year's John Lewis ad and we think it's fantastic.  Having become an institution, and marking the real start of the festive season in a manner not matched since the Coca Cola 'Hoidays are Coming' advert, John Lewis know that we are waiting for their seasonal offering and they haven't disappointed.  What is even more exciting is the added content and collateral that John Lewis build around their Christmas ads.  If you visit the John Lewis site, you can learn more about Monty's World- buy books, download apps, buy your own Monty and Mabel and even make your own toy come to life when you visit the Oxford Street store.  Wow.  John Lewis, Adam and Eve (the agency responsible for the ad)- massive props, we are very, very impressed.