Ford 'Goes Further' with Female Stunt-Driver Dating Prank • Orchid

Ford 'Goes Further' with Female Stunt-Driver Dating Prank

Last month, Ford gave new meaning to "speed dating" with its Valentine's Day film, which was released online in the run-up to 14th February.

In the video, hidden cameras watch as a pretty blonde meets with a series of dates and proceeds to take each of her unsuspecting suitors for a ride in her car - a shiny new Ford Mustang.

If you haven't yet seen this viral ad yet, we don't want to completely spoil it for you, but we think it's brilliant.

Aside from being a novel and engaging way of promoting a new car, it does well to capture the guys' genuine, unprompted comments of awe about the quality and power of the car.

It also plays perfectly on 'women driver' and 'dumb blonde' sexist stereotypes in a way that entertains and appeals to both male and female viewers.

We'd love to know what the 'target audience' section said in the creative brief for this campaign, but if Ford are trying to appeal to female car enthusiasts as well as males, we think they're going about it the right way. The female stunt-driver totally stomps on her passengers' patronising comments with her epic rally driving and it's empowering to say the least. Also, the expressions on some of the guys' faces are hilarious.