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Exploit Owned Channels

Exploit Owned Channels

On day 13 of our building your brilliant brand series, we look at the unprecedented opportunity brand have to exploit 'owned' channels.

With the boom in digital activity, we are seeing the more traditional marketing channels (like press, TV and radio advertising) converge with online.  In turn, new ways of structuring and planning your marketing activity are emerging.  One of the most popular ways of planning to build your brilliant brand is to think about your ‘owned’, ‘earned’ and ‘paid’ channels.

Owned Media: describes the channels you own i.e. your website; social media sites; blog and events as a means of reaching your target audience(s).

Paid Media: describes the media you pay to be involved in.  Examples include print, broadcast and online ads; paid search and sponsorships.

Earned Media: This often describes media coverage generated from PR activity you have undertaken.  It is also used to describe ‘noise’ made about your brand by your own customers when they promote you and share your content.

The ideal is to think about all three channels and how they work together so that you maximise the return on your investment (both human and financial).

The brilliant opportunity you have today is to build and exploit your ‘owned’ channels.

The benefits are numerous:

  • you have total control over them;
  • there are cost efficiencies;
  • they help you build long term, two-way relationships with your audiences;
  • they are flexible;
  • they can be highly targeted.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Whereas you can dictate when an ad will run and plan for a specific response, owned channels take longer to create and scale.   As discussed in post 11, the content you create and promote should also be useful, not incessant sales puff.