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Enter Awards

On day 22 of our 31 ways to build your brilliant brand series, we look at the huge benefits that come from entering (and hopefully winning!) awards.

Businesses of all ages and size can enter awards.  To stand a chance of succeeding you need to allocate a decent amount of time to pull together and write your submission; there really is no short cut to doing it well.

Even if you aren’t successful, the process itself has huge benefits.  Most awards require you to take a good long look at what you did and are doing, how you are performing against your objectives (and your competitors) and to illustrate success.  The process of stopping for a day and analysing your performance can only be a good thing - for both insight and morale.

If you are shortlisted and go on to win, the additional benefits far outweigh the investment made in writing and submitting your entry.  It’s brilliant ‘free’ marketing! Your brand awareness increases, reinforcing your credentials to existing as well as potential customers.  You can promote your success on your company collateral and you will usually enjoy media coverage too.  You get a chance to celebrate your hard work and success, inevitably boosting internal morale and motivation.

In the long term, your credibility increases because an award win, shortlisting or nomination is like a very powerful third party endorsement.  This is great for attracting and retaining staff as well as customers.

To find out more about the best awards for you to enter, speak to Jersey Business, the Institute of Directors, ORCHID and your industry association.