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Embrace Video

Embrace Video

Today we are urging you to embrace the power of video to build your brilliant brand.

Video is no longer a nice to have; it is an essential part of all communications planning, whether it’s for internal or external use.

With the explosion in the use of PDAs and smartphones, and the advent of super-fast broadband it has never been easier or more effective to employ video as one of your communications tools.

Many professional communicators still see video as a wall to climb, believing it’s too complicated, or expensive. In fact it is neither: these days a good quality, interesting, video can deliver more punch per pound than a standard press release and picture. And with the growth in online news platforms there are more channels available for distribution than ever before.

If you are thinking about using video to ramp up your communications activity, then here are five golden rules you need to consider:

  1. Know exactly what you want to say before you press record: content is king with video.
  2. Keep your message simple, and keep it brief. Anything longer than two minutes is an eternity in the digisphere.
  3. Make your video informative, useful and add value. Don’t use it as a sales pitch.
  4. Be professional at all times and make sure everything looks and sounds on-brand.
  5. Share it.