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Define success

Define success

Every day in July, we are posting a different way to build your brilliant brand.  The series of 31 top tips will culminate in an e-book which will be available to download on 31st July.  For now, sit back and enjoy your daily shot of brand-building inspiration.

1. Define what success looks like

Always start with the end in mind.  Ask yourself what success looks like for your business.  By defining SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) objectives, you are creating a solid foundation for building your brilliant business.

Specific: what exactly do you want to achieve?

Measurable: how will you identify and evidence progress?

Achievable: do you have the capability to achieve your goals?

Realistic: Is the goal realistic with resources and time available?

Timely: when will your goals be achieved?  What’s the timeframe?


An objective could be: to be more profitable.

A smart objective would be: to increase sales by 20% within 18 months.


Your objectives may include: to increase profit; grow market share; increase sales; launch new products or services; build brand awareness; target new customers; enter new markets; improve stakeholder relations; increase donations; recruit volunteers and so on.

The objectives you set to define success will be influenced by your business aspirations; regardless of whether you are a for-profit or not-for profit organisation