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Build a Brilliant Website

Build a Brilliant Website

We're one week into our '31 ways to build a brilliant brand' series and today we start getting tactical.  It's time to think about your online presence.

In this age of impatience, an average visitor spends just 20 seconds deciding the worth of your site. So, you need to make the right impression, and quickly.

The three pillars of a great website are

  • Content
  • Navigation
  • Design

Content should answer the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ The information you provide should be useful, unique and fresh.

Navigation should be simple to use and uncluttered. Ensure it is easy to see what is available on your site, encourage visitors to journey around the site and make it obvious how to get in touch for additional information.

For design, make sure graphics and layout contribute to that first impression. Think about what image your site (and brand) is trying to convey and make certain everything contributes something towards that goal.  Do you have a strong call to action, with words that urge your visitors to take an immediate next step? Does your site convey credibility? A good website instils trust.

Finally you have to think SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.  This is how successful your site is at coming up in search engine results organically (i.e. without you paying for the privilege of showing up on the first page of Google's results).  Your content and how it is written plays a huge role in determining where you are ranked in a search engine's unpaid results.  And last but by no means least, make sure your site is responsive - compatible for viewing on a mobile device. Internet usage on mobile devices now exceeds that on PCs and Google are starting to penalise sites (in search results) that aren't responsive.