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Be Useful

Be Useful

Probably the most valuable piece of advice we have for building your brilliant brand in the year ahead is:

Don’t be amazing, be useful.

The world we live in is changing, rapidly.  Today, more people are going online via their mobile than any other type of device: researching, sharing and engaging on the go, 24/7.  Almost overnight, the world has got really exciting for brands.  Suddenly, your ability to reach customers directly and to create meaningful two-way conversations, often cutting out the middleman media owner, has become a reality.

To engage effectively with customers, brands are becoming publishers in their own right; taking control of their messages and the creation of their own content.   In today’s digital age, attention is earned, not purchased.  As Jay Baer says in his brilliant book, Youtility: “smart marketing is about help, not hype”.

Why bother?  Great content ensures: you guarantee visitors return regularly to your website and social media sites; you inevitably rank higher in Google searches; it demonstrates your expertise and friendliness; you attract attention and make your brand more interesting than that of your competitors; you trigger engagement and start to build valuable relationships and ultimately you generate leads and increase sales.