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10 Dance Classics

10 Dance Classics

This week's blog post is brought to you by our resident Beyonce, Amy (they are sisters). Here she takes us on a journey through all the brilliant, and not so brilliant, floor-stealers. Please don't try some of these at home!

10 - Beyoncé – Crazy in Love booty shake.

We all know how it goes and when the song comes on we turn into some kind of booty shake Adonis. Whether we’re alone or out in public, it happens. It usually takes a cocktail or two to really let go, and it’s at this point you can differ the sober from the drunks. You hear the song begin; you look across to your friends with a small grin, instantly mind reading each other. You nod and strut onto the floor and here it is…‘Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no’. You’ve done it. It’s happened. And now you are forced to laugh it off so other partygoers don’t think you take yourself too seriously. But you’re basically Beyoncé, and you know it right?

Click here to see what we mean (as if you don't know!)

9 – MC Hammer – Can’t touch this

Running on the spot with your feet wide apart, moving from left to right; what a phenomenon. This is a dance craze that quickly gets boring. You begin the dance and you enjoy performing the running man a number of times, but then it quickly becomes an anti-climax. Only the closet professional break dancer (Dad) will continue this one right through to the end.

8 - Madonna – Vogue

Have you ever tried to dance with someone who is Vogueing? Don’t.

7 - The Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal ‘lean’

Here’s one that the World has tried but only around 5 ½ people have succeeded. It’s one that’s confused the minds of the greatest inventors of all time. How did he do it? Well, we’ve all given it a shot, it often ends with a small stumble or if we’re feeling a bit too ambitious and our reactions have been significantly slowed down, it ends with a drop to the knees and a floor pose to make it look like that was meant to happen.

6 - Saturday Night Fever

Drunk proof. You really can’t go wrong, and if you do, leave the party in shame.

Go on, treat yourself, click here for a burst of the classic.

5 - The Michael Jackson Moon Walk

You think you can do it; in fact you’re convinced you can do it. You can’t. This is the ultimate ‘Dad at a wedding’ move. They usher everyone on the dance floor to the sides to make room for an entire routine, and off they go. They’re all at it, crotch grabbing whilst holding onto invisible hats looking fiercely into the eyes of the audience. It looks horrific. Only Michael could get away with this and no-one else should ever try it. Like Ever.

4 - Dirty Dancing ‘The Lift’

Normally tried once you've had a drink which is probably the worst time to try it. The music starts and you find yourself a partner. You often opt for a same sex friend so it doesn’t quickly get awkward, and off you go arm tickling and performing a sultry salsa. You’ve nailed the entire routine so far and your duo is heading for a dance floor diva trophy. The music slows and you split from your partner to ensure you get a good run up. Everyone around you is now watching, you’ve got this far, will you achieve the ultimate lift? You run, you get 30cm off the floor. FAIL.

Here's how it should be done.

3 - Beyoncé – Single Ladies

Inspired by Bob Fosse master of minimal movement, this routine goes down in dance craze history. As soon as you hear the music, you lift one hand and you’re off, rotating it front to back on repeat. This movement is often the only part anyone knows/does. The rest is too energetic for the one drink people. But there will always be someone who will give the rest a go, you can guarantee it.

2 - The Village People – YMCA

You just can’t help yourself, can you? Even if you pretend you don’t want to do it, you do a mini version in front of your chest barely lifting your arms. But you still do it. The band was the brain child of a French Disco producer and the YMCA was created to encourage audience participation. Even your Grandma can enjoy this one.  During the performance you look around to every other participant mouthing the words, rolling yours eyes pretending that you aren’t completely loving it.

1 - Michael Jackson – Thriller

We like to call this the Ultimate Dance Craze. We’ve all done it at some point, let’s not lie. It often happens at some kind of Christmas party and it only takes one person to start it off. Thriller is a horror movie in a 13 minute music video spectacle. It cost $800,000 to make, an amount unheard of at that time. Everybody knows a bit of Thriller and it’s guaranteed to get everyone up busting some moves. Thanks Jacko.


Photo courtesy of: news.bbc.co.uk