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Saturday 14th September was a very special moment for all those involved in the incredible Wetwheels Jersey initiatve.  A dedication ceremony was held at the Harbour, hosted by the Dean of Jersey and His Excellency General Sir John McColl, Jersey's Lieutenant Governor and Wetwheels Patron, following the arrival this week of this very special vessel.

Wetwheels is a new catamaran that will allow disabled people in Jersey to experience the sheer thrill of being at sea whilst being on a safe and reliable vessel that can be used for fishing trips, exploring the coast or learning how to pilot the craft.  She will bring pleasure to many thousands of wheelchair users and other disabled children and adults in Jersey.

ORCHID's Allan Watts is a Director of Wetwheels Jersey and is proud to be a part of this important charity, which will have a positive impact on the lives of so many Jersey residents.  ORCHID has co-ordinated the marketing, fundraising and brand development of Wetwheels, providing communications support throughout the life of the project.  

To find out more about Wetwheels Jersey, we urge you to visit their website http://www.wetwheels.je and have a good read.  If you would like to donate to the cause, the site provides clear details of how you can.