Team X-TREME • Orchid



When Summer told us that she'd signed up to the Silkworth Challenge earlier this year, we cheerfully said "well done you, how can we support?" 

We had no idea what the challenge actually entailed. So when she explained that her team, 'TEAM X-TREME' were a couple of members down, the design-boys stepped up to the challenge with little or no idea of what they were signing up for...

They don't call it the Silkworth Extreme Team Challenge for nothing.

Each team member must complete a leg of this intense relay race around the Island, with a different activity making up each leg of the 45 square mile course. 

Summer kicked off the race at 6am, scaling cliffs, jumping off rocks and swimming through caves from the Grève de Lecq starting line to Devil’s Hole - just under three miles of adrenaline packed fun to pass the baton on to the next team member, Meryl Le Feuvre.

Collectively the team had to coasteer, run, cycle, canoe, swim or kayak to complete the course.

Dean took to the ocean like a Baywatch lifeguard, donning his fetching white rubber swimming cap and speedily splashing alongside those leisurely paddleboarders between Ouaisne and St Brelade Bay.

Steve took the final sprint, snatching the baton from his starting post at Grosnez and pushing all personal barriers along the rugged coastal cliff paths as he raced to the finish line.

OK, we didn’t win.

But we had the BEST time taking part, as well as raising money for a really valuable cause and that is what counts.

Would we do it again?