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Run for Stroke

Run for Stroke

To support our charity of choice for 2017, the Stroke Association, team ORCHID have signed up to take part in their Resolution Run.  Taking place on 19th March, we'll be lapping the Les Landes Racecourse, earning a hearty El Tico team breakfast after.

The Resolution Run is a national event that raises funds for this brilliant charity.  Four of us in the team have had family members directly affected by stroke so it's a cause very dear to our hearts.  Why don't you sign up today and help raise more funds?  Click here to find out more about the event taking place in Jersey.

Tune in after 19th March for pics of the team and our intrepid supporters (those ORCHID bods not willing or able to don lycra for the morning)...

We'll also be launching our own ORCHID fundraising initiative next month, in partnership with the Stroke Association. Watch this space for more exciting details.