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Another day, another personal challenge set for the Orchid team (thanks Summer…) and this time it was the Jersey Marathon Relay 2015 to raise money for the Stroke Association.

With the best intentions, we eagerly started our training for this year’s marathon with regular jogatunities* scheduled for months leading up to the big event. Unfortunately the concept of fitting a casual run into the middle of the working day was not that easy in reality, and before we knew it race day was upon us, having completed little or no training as a team.

Following the last minute recruitment of our friend Sara (who had never actually run more than three miles in her life) the ORCHID JOGATUNISTS were ready to rumble.

Sam kicked off the team to an epic start, running road-runner style from the starting line to pass the team wristband on to Dean in Waterworks Valley. Dean followed suit, running a challenging uphill stint to handover to Summer, who was eagerly waiting in the sticks of St Ouen to combat her leg to Les Quennevais. Sarah picked it up with the railway leg, running past our lovely team marshal Amanda to hand over to our honorary member, Sara, who made her marathon debut with the ‘glory leg’ on to the finish line.

It’s safe to say the Jersey Marathon is a fantastic community event and an absolute pleasure in which to participate. Regardless of our lack of training, the adrenaline, atmosphere and feel-good feeling fuelled us on to a challenge victory in a highly respectable time. Bring on 2015!

If you would like to donate to Stroke Association, please visit our Just Giving Page - https://www.justgiving.com/OrchidJogatunists


*JOGATUNITY - DEFINITION: an opportunity to go jogging. NOUN (Plural Jagatunities) ORIGIN: 2007 word created by Summer & Catherine Gasston of Jersey Post to define the activity of going for a short run during your lunch hour, later developed into any opportunity for the aforementioned activity. RULES and ethos of a jogatunity are that we all 'start together and finish together'. It is NOT a race or competition, but an enjoyable outing which involves exercise and banter. EXAMPLE: "There are a few of us keen to go for a run, who's keen for a jogatunitiy?" or "This is a jogatune moment"