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CreateAthon Update

CreateAthon Update

The Jersey Dyslexia Association has been chosen as the first charity to benefit from the ORCHID CreateAthon® taking place for 24 hours from 8.30am on Thursday 7th to 8.30am on Friday 8th November 2013.

ORCHID received a fantastic number of applications for their inaugural CreateAthon® which will see the Jersey Dyslexia Association benefit from a marketing campaign worth more than £30,000, thanks to the generous support of the ORCHID team, Jersey Evening Post, Channel 103fm and Mailmate.

The ORCHID team read and scored every application and shortlisted to three potential recipients. Following presentations from the three shortlisted charities to ORCHID and representatives from the JEP and Channel 103fm, the panel faced the incredibly difficult task of choosing one from the three amazing charities.

“The Jersey Dyslexia Association has a new committee, an exciting focus and desire to re-brand and re-launch their vital support services to the Jersey community, spanning all ages and particularly engaging the business community.  We felt they would benefit the most from the full mix of ORCHID'S services of marketing strategy, design, public relations, video, events and communications training.  They are a totally inspiring team and fuelled with such passion; we are hugely excited to be giving them a brilliant communications foundation that will help them achieve their vision," says Hayley Mallet, Director of Marketing and Events for ORCHID.

Commenting on what this means to the charity, Jersey Dyslexia Association Chairman Sarah Peel said: “‘Being chosen to benefit from the CreateAthon has opened up an amazing opportunity for the Jersey Dyslexia Association.  This will help us enormously in raising awareness of a syndrome which affects over 10% of the population.  We are really looking forward to working with the Orchid Team and making the most of their fabulous talents.  We hope that this exciting campaign will bring dyslexia to the forefront of people’s minds, expand their views and make the community realise that no child or adult should struggle with the boundaries and barriers traditionally faced by those who are dyslexic.  We are passionate about our cause and have an exciting and important list of projects that we plan to deliver, which we believe will make a real difference to the lives of Dyslexic people in Jersey.  We are so grateful to Orchid, the JEP, Channel 103fm and Mailmate for giving us this brilliant opportunity.”

Picture credit - with huge thanks to the Jersey Evening Post for their great page 3 coverage of the event, showing us scratching our heads and thinking of the best possible campaign for this fantastic charity. (Reproduced by kind permission of the Jersey Evening Post)