Lets Talk PANTS

Lets Talk PANTS

As my children grow up and become more independent, they are being exposed to new social situations.  With that comes my responsibility as a parent to teach them what is right and wrong and how to stay safe.  But where do I start?

The ‘Lets Talk PANTS’ campaign from the NSPCC really jumped out at me.  It’s taken a totally different approach in tone and style to help us teach children how to stay safe from abuse and to speak to an adult if they’re upset or worried.

The campaign focuses on five key messages using the anagram P.A.N.T.S:

Privates are private. | Always remember your body belongs to you. | No means no. | Talk about secrets that upset you. | Speak up, someone can help.

This is supported with a comprehensive activity pack for parents to use when talking to their children.  Packed with fun tasks, word searches, games and stickers, it helps children learn without you having to use any scary words.

The whole campaign has been created to give parents a tool to use with their children and to feel confident when talking about difficult topics. Key to the campaign is ‘Pantosaurus’, a dinosaur who promotes the PANTS rule through series of animated videos, games, prime-time TV adverts, activities and guides. The creative execution uses bright and cheerful illustrations and custom fonts which makes the whole campaign feel authentic, engaging and approachable to both adults and children.