Sensual Dining Toys

Sensual Dining Toys

Traditional tableware is usually composed of your regular knife, fork and plate – more if you’re Mr fancy pants, and gourmands are expected to show proper dining etiquette.

This traditional eating ritual has been challenged by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Roxanne Brennen who has created dining toys that trigger the same pleasure centre and release of endorphins as sex.

Ms. Brennen’s tableware is a series of irregularly shaped vessels, plates and utensils (with various textures) that allows diners to interact with food and flavours in a unique way. To the designer, this tableware redefines eating as sensual activity rather than a necessity. It also deliberately slows down the process of eating, which builds anticipation and intensifies enjoyment. This is comparable to eating a delicacy in its natural vessel, such as slurping oysters in the shell or plucking grapes from the vine with your lips, adding an aphrodisiac experience to eating.

Innovations such as the dining toys are very refreshing in the sense that simple objects, easily taken for granted by most, can still be reimagined and redesigned to elicit a different response, produce something better or something completely different from its original form. This shows how design can be a powerful tool that can shape perspectives, change behaviours or make the simplest of activities even more satisfying.