Fearless Girl

Fearless Girl

On Tuesday morning, New Yorkers facing their daily trudge down Wall Street were faced with a powerful new sight. In recognition of International Women’s Day, a bronze statue of a fearless girl had appeared, defiantly facing down the roging bull.

The female statue was installed by State Street as a brilliantly co-ordinated PR initiative, calling for more women to serve on corporate boards. The company is saying enough is enough and is willing to use its investments in thousands of companies to call those that don’t open their board doors to females to account.

Currently a temporary exhibit, we hope it gets to stay as a powerful and engaging reminder of the power of equality. We don’t believe women should be placed on boards simply to meet quotas. They should earn their right to a seat just as much as the next man. But there are still too many boardrooms with closed oak panelled doors if you are of the female species. It’s simply unacceptable. It’s also extremely short-sighted as the benefits that come from having a balanced board have been well documented.

The “Fearless Girl” statues is by artist Kristen Visbal. We love it.